Pricing for 3D Figurines scanned in our booth

3D Photos (the spinning GIF) are $20 per session.  Up to 4 people and 5 poses.  The fee is waived if a sculpture/figurine is purchased.

3D Sculptures: We have a range of sizes from 3" to 14".  Listed below are the most common sizes.  Please contact us for 10" to 14" sculpture pricing.

The sculptures (figurines) shown above are in 3", 5", 7", and 9".

3-Inch Statue

3-Inch Statue

3-Inch Sculpture

5-Inch Statue

5-Inch Sculpture

7-Inch Statue

7-Inch Sculpture

9-Inch Statue

9-Inch Sculpture

9-Inch Statue

Dogs by themselves

Raw Data Files (OBJ, MTL, JPG) of people are available for $100.  If you would like a cleaned-up version of the file, there is an extra charge of $100.  

Scanning of objects: Please contact us for quote.

Miniature Enthusiasts:  Custom scaled orders are $239 (plus tax and shipping).   Your order requires special handling and pricing and can not be ordered online. Please contact us by phone or email to place your order. 

Wedding Packages: Looking for a formal Wedding Cake Topper, a table ornament of the couple in casual clothes, wedding party favors, or a wedding guest token? See our wedding packages which range from a single cake topper to a 3D Photo Booth at your reception.

Can't make it into the studio?
That's ok! Send us a photo instead.


Using a photo you provide we are able to make a 3D Sculpture of you and your loved ones!


Large Events

Corporate, Promotional or Charity Event: Looking for a fun and unique attraction for your event? Add our 3D photo booth. Contact us for availability and pricing.