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What should I wear?

Bright colors, patterns and textures work the best (white and black are not ideal).

Please avoid:

  • Highly reflective colors, glasses with subtle frames (the thicker and darker the frames, the better).
  • Hats with a thin brim. Baseball caps should be worn backwards, removed, or should be held to your chest while scanning
  • Long thin objects like swords, golf clubs, and canes because they typically break in the printing or shipping process. But if you hold them close to your body, we can capture the image.

I am getting a Wedding Cake Topper, but don't want my fiancé to see my dress.

If you are concerned about your fiancé seeing your dress, you may want to try 1) borrowing a dress for the photo shoot, 2) wear your rehearsal dinner attire for a more informal look, 3) consider an informal (casual clothes) cake topper you can display at home or in the office after the wedding. Alternatively, you can both take your 3D photo shoot separately and we will merge the images. The fee is $50 to merge images. Or we can print your sculptures separately. Then you can place both sculptures on your cake side by side.


  • Form fitting dresses print the best. Fluffy dresses require to much data and often fail to print.

  • Don't worry about curling your hair or getting professional make-up for your photo shoot. While the details of our sculptures are impressive, 3D printers can't print "curls" using powdered sandstone.

  • Make-up will show, but because the sculptures are relatively small it's not necessary to have precision make-up.

What is the turnaround time?

About two to three weeks, depending on the volume of sculptures we are producing when you place your order.

Can I send in a photo of me instead of getting 3D scanned in person?

Yes you can! We do a full body scuplture or figurines in color, in a range of sizes. See our website for more information on how to submit the information.

Can I wear glasses?

When printed on a 3D printer, the glasses wind up looking like ski goggles. We recommend contacting a miniaturist who can provide custom glasses for your 3D printed figurine. Here is a list of suppliers we know of at this time: 1) Blue Butterfly

What are the models made of?

Finely powdered sandstone. They feel similar to a light rock. We also add a custom base to our models upon request so they are safe to use with food if you’d like to put them on a cake, for instance.

Instead of colored sandstone, we also offer other materials though (such as plastic) if you would like something different. See this website for many of the materials available.

How much does each model weigh?

Between 2 and 9 ounces, depending on which size sculpture you choose.

How fragile are the models?

They are fragile, and do not do well in the sun, or getting wet. The model uses the latest in 3D printing techniques to build the model, layer by layer. The material is a composite of sandstone that is laid down in full color in 0.1mm layers and then fused during the 3D printing process. Each model takes about 6 hours to build. Most breakage can be repaired with super glue.

How do I care for my model?

Each model is carefully crafted and should be regarded similar to a porcelain ornament and used for decorative purposes only. They are not be used as a toy or given to underage children. The material is hard and brittle and will break if dropped. In order to keep your model in the best possible condition, it is advised the model is not overly handled, ensuring the color is preserved for a prolonged period of time.

  • Each model should be kept in a warm, dry environment.
  • Exposure to temperatures below freezing may cause the model to discolor or whiten.
  • Prolonged periods of exposure to sunlight will cause the model to discolor over time. Do not store the models on window ledges or shelves in direct sunlight.
  • Sculptures are not water proof! If you get water on them, it will cause the colors to bleed and can weaken the model.

Can I bring in my pet or young child to get 3D photographed?

Yes you can. The 2 sets of photos only take 1 second. If you have a pet with all black fur, we may need to sprinkle powder on the animal for the cameras to "see" the animal.

Can you scan objects?

Currently, we have an Occipital Structure Sensor which can scan objects about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet, and room dimensions, and Artec scanners which can provide High Resolution scanning of people and objects. We can refer you to other companies for larger objects.

Can I get the Raw Data File (for use in Holograms or Avatars)?

Yes you can. The mesh file format we produce is an OBJ with MTL and JPG - but this can be converted to a variety of different formats with NetFabb Basic for free.

  • Preview meshes are ~100,000 faces.
  • Full resolution (print) meshes are ~1,000,000 faces.
  • Preview models have a 4k texture.
  • Full resolution (print) models have an 8k texture.

Can you made me look skinnier? (Body Sculpting)

Yes we can! Our 3D artist can remove inches from your waistline! Custom body sculpting is an added $50.

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