Holodeck is a 3D photography and printing studio providing fun, unique experiences. 

         A Cake Topper as Unique as You are.



Your custom full color cake topper is a memento kept long after the wedding.  You are now free to select your own formal or casual clothes as a cake topper, and we can bring a 3D Photo Booth to your event

Modern day Doll Houses are works of art, by skilled artists.  Bob Off  (Miniature Rooms Co.) is 6 inches tall standing in his hallway.   


Miniature Doll Houses

Create an "action figure" to complete the doll house, from holding a plate, leaning against a fireplace or gazing at artwork.  The dolls (sculptures) are to 1:12 scale, and can be shipped around the world.

A great way to capture the kids

A great way to capture the kids



Like a photograph, the Holodeck uses 89 synchronized cameras to capture a 3D image of an object in just a second.  In 15 to 30 minutes, we send your poses as 3D GIF files for you keep and share.

Customer Comments

Overhead from a little girl: Ohhh. They turn you into a toy.  I wanna be a toy!