Holodeck is a 3D photography and printing studio providing a fun, unique experience to capture special moments in your life. 

Give us your best smile! Then, we'll take 178 pictures of you in a split second!

We stitch the photos together to create a 3D model, and email you the 3D photo for you to review.

You pick your favorite pose, and we print it! These full-color, life-like miniatures make great gifts and lasting memories.

How cool is this?  A portal into the Virtual World.  In the blink of an eye, you and pets are scanned, and a 3D photograph is sent to your email in15 to 30 minutes.  We believe if we can take what is in your heart, who you are and capture it . . .  when true character and emotion is embodied . . . a story is told and it becomes art.

Capture the Moment

Click on the pictures below to see where your imagination can take you . . . .


Cake toppers

Wedding Party Gifts

Guest Favors with each person/couple receiving a 3D Photo

mini figure heads

Personalized Heads which fit on Lego bodies. Order online with just 2 photos.

elf on the Shelf small.jpg

sElf on the Shelf

Imagine yourself as The Elf on the Shelf (the Elf is 12” long. Sitting 6” tall)

Turn your photo into 3D art

Capture the Past:

2D photos into 3D Sculptures

Can't make it into the studio? That's ok! Just send us a photo and we'll make it into 3D art!

Be an "Action Figure" in your ownDoll House, Room Box or Vignette

Modern home on hill.jpg

Architectural Models

Mobile Studio for Special Events

Corporate Events

Team Building


Promotional Events




2017 Best of Kirkland Photographer