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Create your own "Action" doll with a pose which compliments your room box or vignette.

(Hint: Click and zoom in on the picture below to see our sculpture inside this 1:12 room box)


imagine yourself in a new dimension ...

Imagine a full color sculpture of you or a loved one inside your room box, dollhouse or vignette.  You strike the pose in order to place something in your hand, gazing into the distance or to look at a fish in a stream.

Holodeck 3D Studios has the ability to create true-to-life miniature 3D sculptures (aka dolls, figurines or mini-me) of real people. The sculpture is scaled to the size you need, and we will work with you to get the exact pose and look you desire.

A member of NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts)


We love doing personalized models!

Jim and Tammy D from DBJ Miniatures did this cute model of them in front of their miniature bar! Note how the lighting has added to the effect to make it even more realistic

Bethina Murta "selling" her desserts.

Bethina Murta "selling" her desserts.

Originally from Brazil, Betinha Murta started making miniatures in 2004 and lives in Orlando, FL. She first started making teapots, and now has a wide range of products made from cold porcelain, molded by hand.  To see more of her handiwork visit her blog by clicking on either picture.



Pat Bennett's sculpture was the last to arrive to complete the scene.  This is a mantle clock that’s been gutted and the fireplace, chair, art work and cat put inside of it.  


Pat Bennett is the owner and promoter of the, the, and the


Paris next to yellow car 2.jpg

We met Paris Renfroe, of PRD Miniatures at the CIMTA show in Las Vegas and were impressed with his modern furniture and houses.   His "garage" is filled with Diecast cars replicas of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes AMG,and some sport bikes. The larger ones pictured are 1:12 scale, but he also has some 1:18 and 1:43 models.

His room boxes and houses can take from a week, to months, depending on the detail and the client.

Don and Karla standing by their '57 Ford as 1inch models. You can find out more about them here:  

Diane Wendt's mini-me went country style in her miniature barn! She makes it seem so realistic with her miniature animals, barn loft, and country accessories. 

Jeany Dean created two whole miniature bedrooms! Super cute little girls room with tiny toys and then adults bedroom with mini books and everything. 

Here is Vern and Jeannie inside their 1'' scaled gazebo! Jeannie made this beautiful gazebo and surrounding flowers.  Vern added the final touch by secretly ordering a sculpture of the two of them. He then placed it in the gazebo as a birthday surprise for Jeannie.  How sweet is that?!  

Kylie Bygland Room box 1.JPG