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You’ve heard of Micron’s 3D XPoint Technology?

Well, for the Micron 40th Anniversary Celebration, you will have the opportunity to see 3D scanning of people in action.

The Photo Booth of the Future

Step into the 3D photo booth and be teleported into the digital world. You can share your digital avatar with friends and family and be 3D printed in full-color.

Your 3D digital avatar will be ready for social sharing in 15 - 30 minutes.

It’s you, in 3D


For Fun

Use your mouse to rotate and zoom in on the image to the left.

When you arrive at the Event

Info by Dawn Z.

  1. Enter the Booth

There are a number of different poses that you can choose from! Or you can make up your own!

Photo of booth.jpg

To give you some ideas of your pose.


2. 3D Printing

Once we create the digital 3D model, we print the 3D model in a sandstone material that allows us to inject color directly into the sculpture, for a realistic finish.


3. Now you have your own personal 3D sculpture!

Grandpa on the bookshelf

Grandpa on the bookshelf

Fireman 6 inches tall