Holodeck is a 3D photography and printing studio providing fun, unique experiences. 


Holodeck 3D Studios is located in Kirkland, WA, near Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. 


Stop by our studio in downtown Kirkland or hire our mobile studio to be anywhere you are—weddings, corporate functions, sporting events, and more. We can provide the spinning GIF file above, a sculpture, cake topper or the OBJ file to create your own Avatar.



Like a photograph, the Holodeck uses 89 synchronized cameras to capture a 3D image of an object in just a second.

Upcoming Events

Sep 8,9,& 10        Denver Miniature Show                                        (with Mobile Unit)

Sep 19                 Northwest Event Show                                        (with Mobile Unit)

Sep 30 & Oct 1    Portland Miniature Show                                      (with Mobile Unit)

Oct 7 & 8            San Jose (Good Sam) Miniature                            Show (with Mobile Unit)

Jan 13 & 14         Seattle Wedding Show

Jan 29                Weddings In Woodinville                                       (with Mobile Unit)

Feb 3 & 4           San Diego Miniature Show                                     (w/ Mobile Unit)

Mar 23               Pfeiffer Syndrom Charity Event                             (with Mobile Unit)

Apr 23 &24         Chicago International Miniature                           Show (with Mobile Unit)


A few of our favorites . . . . .