Using Photos to create 3D Prints


A photo of your Wedding day

Cody and Kylie were surprised when we converted a 2D photo “pose” and a photo of their backs into this 3D Figurine

Your best friend

Yes, we can create a 3D sculpture of your pet from photos.

Bear on left Chevy on right 1.jpg

You can send just a sketch

For this project, we took his sketch of Dr. Who, and added his girlfriends face.

Special Projects


A product prototype

Hawkeye Cattle Breeders in Adele IA contacted us to see if we could digitally create a tank. I’m a guy, so my first question was why would a ranch want a model of a battle tank. Imagine my chagrin when I learned they ship tanks of frozen bull semen!

Tank for bull semen.jpg

A Cake decoration

Inspired by the Walrus chimera decorating the exterior of the Arctic Club in Seattle, we created 4 inch plastic 3D print to decorate the side of a wedding cake.

Winged Medallion

We took this image and modeled a trophy for a corporate award.

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