Capture The Moment in 3D

Holodeck is a 3D photography and printing studio providing a fun, unique experience to capture special moments in your life. 

Give us your best smile!  Then, we'll take 178 pictures of you in a split second!

We stitch the photos together to create a 3D model, and email you the 3D photo for you to review. 

You pick your favorite pose, and we print it! These full-color, life-like miniatures make great gifts and lasting memories.

How cool is this?  A portal into the Virtual World.  In the blink of an eye, you and pets are scanned, and a 3D photograph is sent to your email in15 to 30 minutes.  We believe if we can take what is in your heart, who you are and capture it . . .  when true character and emotion is embodied . . . a story is told and it becomes art.

Cake Toppers

Unique Wedding Options

Put your own creative spin on your wedding cake topper.  Whether it’s a crazy pose or crazy clothes, jerseys, rehearsal wear or formal attire. Do and be whatever represents you best!


We Do Pet & Costumes Too

After the photo is taken, we'll send you a GIF version for approval before printing the statue. 


Holodeck Heads

Personalized Heads which fit on Lego bodies.
Order online with just 2 photos.


Capture the Past
2D photos into 3D Sculptures

Can't make it into the studio? That's ok! Just send us a photo and we'll make it into 3D art!

2D to 3D

2017 Best of Kirkland Photographer