3D Scanning Services

Transitioning products into 3D digital assets for multi platform marketing is what we do. Once your product is converted and optimized, you can use a single asset in a variety of ways which fit both current marketing standards, and future applications.

In the past, we just used a regular photo to market products

Now, many companies show their fashion or product online with photos from multiple directions.

Now, many companies show their fashion or product online with photos from multiple directions.


But did you know? We can create a 3D digital image which allows your customers to rotate and zoom in your product.

The versatility of a single asset future proofs your marketing, thus making standard Product Photography, obsolete.

Our Process

1. Capture

a. Products can be individually scanned, 3D modeled, or converted from CAD files.

b. Acceptable CAD conversion formats include the following - .3df .dwg .dxf .ply .obj .step .stl

2. Optimization

a. Files are optimized through our custom reduction process and are formatted to allow for seamless integration into all your marketing platforms.

3. Deployment

a. Update your online 2D product photos, switch to 360 Images, or make a statement with 3D digital images – all of the above can be derived from a single asset.

b. Embed assets into applications like Power Point and Word to create a stunning sales presentation.

c. Create a Digital Catalog with Augmented Reality to get ahead of your competition.

d. Train your employees using Virtual Reality for immersed education.

e. Export Formats – .3df .3mf .fbx .glb .ply .obj .stl .u3d

Custom Avatars

Want to see yourself in your favorite video game? We can provide the OBJ files you need. 

The mesh file format we produce is an OBJ with MTL and JPG - but this can be converted into a variety of different formats with NetFabb Basic for free.

  • Preview meshes are ~100,000 faces.

  • Full resolution (print) meshes are ~1,000,000 faces.

  • Preview models have a 4k texture.

  • Full resolution (print) models have an 8k texture.

Have more questions? Contact us at Alex@holodeck3dstudios.com or use the form below.


Rolly then used Mixamo to rig her OBJ, and put together this fun action scene.


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